Sunday, April 3, 2011

love you {2}

I did this one up for the latest call out for SBM... Yes I am falling back into the subbing trap. I swore I was not going to do it again after my Masters entry came back in severel bits after not being packed with the same care I packed it with! It is a Black and Whit with one other colour. I have yet to get a rejection but I dare say that is coming on Monday. It is hard to tell on the LO but it has a lot of height in it. A very simple LO but I think fairly effective. And yes I made the wings myself from Fimo. I have them in many different colours.



1 comment:

  1. AMAZING!!!! it is gorgeous.. at first glance it may look simple, but upon a closer look there are many details and depths to this that make it a truly beautiful creation!! well done.. i hope they accept it!! but if they don't.. it isn't because it isn't good enough.. probably TOO good for them...